by The Tuff Looks

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released April 22, 2013

recorded and mixed by James Faix



all rights reserved


The Tuff Looks Orlando, Florida

James- Lead Guitar & vocals
Alexis- Bass
Amanda- Rhythm Guitar & vocals
Darick- Drums

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Track Name: Tuff Break
I’m over it don’t care, it’s problem after problem
All the time there’s just the same problem
And I don’t care, I don’t care
Every time there’s something

I’m having a nightmare I don’t know
Something’s wrong here but I know
That I don’t care, I don’t care
Every time there’s something

I can’t tell you I can’t remember
The last time something went as planned
I guess I better get used to having it tuff
Track Name: Times Change
Times change and sometimes those who came –
they disappear, don’t shed a tear
Times change and I remain the same
There’s something near that keeps me here

I might try but they can’t knock me down
I’m tied with my feet on the ground
I might try but I’m tired

Times are changing, where did all the time go?
Track Name: Fool Of Questions
Have you ever thought about who you are?
Before you look at me and think that you are seein
Just who I am and what I do believe in -
You should think about the fool you are
When you look at me you think you’re seeing nothing
But your eyes just need a little readjusting

I got dreams, I got goals – picking strings and strumming chords
I got dreams, I got goals – keeping beat and making some noise

Have you ever thought about how rude you are?
Just think about the things that you are saying
Don’t like my look, you think I need some changing
Track Name: Cross Hearts
Now I see just how you love deceiving me
It’s such a shame how we have to play these games
I wish it could be true that you could ever want to see things through

It’s clear to me how much you hold against me
But I’m not to blame; you know I’m not so easily tamed
You tried to steal my heart, then split
I wish I’d known it would be like this

Took all this time to break down walls, now you don’t return my calls
My fingers shake at dial tone I don’t wanna be alone
Mistakes – so many left unsaid, Questions running through my head
Voices tell me to let go but I don’t wanna be alone

Is this heartbreak?
Feels like an earthquake
I feel outta control
I guess I gotta go
Track Name: Unglued
I’m cold and alone and I ain’t got no home
But I want you to know I’m alright
I told all my friends I forgot your phone number
But I know each digit by heart

Walking these streets trying to find who to be
And I always end up at your door
Deep down I know that I owe you too much
And I just can’t give anymore

I know you don’t know where I’ve been
But I’m tired – let me in
You keep cutting these strings to my heart
I fall apart, all apart

Apart of the scene well it don’t mean a thing
I’ve got too many problems, ya know what I mean
I never did care what your mama had said
‘cause it ain’t walking out if my heart never left

Without you, I’m unglued